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• Medway Curry Chef of the Year

• South East Curry Chef of the Year

• National Curry Chef Runner Up of the Year

• Finalist South Asian Curry Chef of the Year '06

• International Curry Chef of '06 in India & Bangladesh

Celebrated executive chef,

Jamal Uddin Ahmed

Visit us for lunch (by reservation only) or for an evening meal, 7 days a week. Enjoy our friendly service and pleasant atmosphere, or take advantage of our takeaway and enjoy our fine cuisine at home.

Dine with us or enjoy

our takeaway at home

You'll find our two charming restaurants (one in Strood, one in historic Rochester) offer superb cuisine and outstanding service. Both locations are fully licensed and air-conditioned. We are happy to serve you 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays.

Two delightful locations to choose from

Indian and Bangladeshi Cuisine

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est. 1996

The cuisine of the Indian subcontinent is a combination of differing subtle tastes and falvours, as are the varities of climates and peoples with their disinct cultures and traditions within this vast land mass. Though basical based on Cuies, there are definite distinctions between regions. For instance, Bangladeshis' prefer rich sauced fish dishes served with rice, whereas, in South India and Pakistan, they prefer more spiced meat dishes with breads and chapattis.


Authentic Indian cooking is an art achieved throuh generations of experiment and studies.


Here at                     we bring the best of these to give you an eating experience which will allow you to enjoy all the rich exquisite tastes and flavours of the East. In our carefully chosen menu, prepared by our regional, national and international award winning Head Chef, we are proud to present mouth watering dishes to suit every tase and fancy including Moghul food, the so called mythical "Food of Kings"